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The Art of Value

Creative Production by Marietta Auras


Production by Marietta Auras


starring Maria Arrechea

Festive Fit

Creative Production Marietta Auras


dumama + kechou

Chevaliers de Sangreal

Set Design by Julie Pflaum

Robin & Maria

starring Maria Arrechea


Creative Production Marietta Auras


Direction, Vocals and Performance Justyna Chabarek



Direction: Justyna Chaberek & Thilo Garus
Creative Direction, Visual Architecture & Costume Design: Marina Orellano
Videography: Thilo Garus
Editing: Lucas Deschle
Performers: Marina Orellano, Justyna Chaberek, Anna Benhakova
Original Score Composition: Giancarlo Brambilla
Vocals: Justyna Chaberek
Choreographic Consultations: Anna Benhakova
Costumographic Implementations: Atelier Planeta
Vocal Recordings: Jan Duben
Technical Assistance: Pavel and Jarda

Produced in the Studios of: POKROK Studio & Petrohradska Kolektiv in Prague
Thanks to the grants from VARP for Performing Artists and Czech-German Fund for the Future

SLT SPACE is a branch of Studio Levi dedicated to making performance and film sets safer, diverse and more inclusive. Through SLT SPACE, we represent the underrepresented, showcase multidisciplinary artists, amplify diverse voices and create safe spaces in front of and behind the camera.