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Justyna Chabarek

Justyna Chabarek

Contralto Singer, Performer, Actress, Interdisciplinary Creator

Pronouns: she/her
Booking Base: Berlin

As a ​​contralto vocalist, Justyna has a profound talent in storytelling through her vocal performances. She works across a spectrum of modes related to theatre, voice and sound. Aside from performances, Justyna wrote and directed “GOL3M”, a short videographic piece. She has toured around the world, from her native Poland to Kiev, Tokyo, Lyon and Berlin (where she is currently based). June 2023 will see Justyna take to the stage in a new performance series called “BROOD” in The Centre Pompidou in Paris, where she sings a mixture of folk songs with her take on bel canto technique vocal compositions. Over the course of a decade, Justyna has proved to be an incredible talent for any vocal and acting roles across film, tv, theatre and commercials.

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