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Robin & Maria

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Robin & Maria

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Robin & Maria

Robin and Maria is a film about youth, love and the tender encounter of two women in the male-dominated world of skateboarding.

Written and directed by
Konstantina Levi
Cinematography by
Albrecht von Grünhagen
Edit by Fatmir Dolci
Colors by Nadia Khairat GómezStarring
Robin Juliet von Elsner,
Ines Maria Arrechea Izanga,
Helen Gillert,
Rayssa M. Regis dos Santos
Music by Dillon, Blvth, Diaven
Sounddesign by Kai von Glasow
Styling by Pina Marlene
Hair and Make Up by Darja Crainiucenco

Robin and Maria dressed in
Stine Goya, avavav firenze, Armed Angels

Produced by Studio Levi
Production Coordinator Steph Alisch

Casting by Konstantina Levi,
Ines Maria Arrechea Izanga

SLT SPACE is a branch of Studio Levi dedicated to making performance and film sets safer, diverse and more inclusive. Through SLT SPACE, we represent the underrepresented, showcase multidisciplinary artists, amplify diverse voices and create safe spaces in front of and behind the camera.