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Marietta Auras

Marietta Auras

Creative Producer, Producer, Director

Pronouns: she/her
Booking Base: Berlin

Production is paramount in Marietta’s work. She brings her creative identity to projects and has a wealth of experience in developing concepts and films for exhibitions, campaigns and editorial. Marietta is exceptional at creating visual content with a social impact, especially in the fields of art, culture and design. She takes a truly holistic approach, integrating direction and creative elements in her projects in order to make films with real meaning. Originally born in West Germany, Marietta is a proud mother and can also appear in front of the camera with or without her child.

SLT SPACE is a branch of Studio Levi dedicated to making performance and film sets safer, diverse and more inclusive. Through SLT SPACE, we represent the underrepresented, showcase multidisciplinary artists, amplify diverse voices and create safe spaces in front of and behind the camera.